Young Adult Program

Welcome all! Young adulthood is a time of transition, self-discovery, and finding one’s roots. Whether you are 18 and freshly bridged from the Youth Program or pushing 35 and working your way into the general adult community, a first timer or a veteran to SI, the Young Adult program has something for you. Come share and learn from one another. There is something special about Young Adulthood, especially here at SI!

Our worships meet at night, after evening programming, and will be led by our worship team aimed at providing meaningful worship for our Young Adult community. Our worship is designed with Young Adults in mind, but all are welcome to attend.

Find community together by staying together in the Young Adult dorm. This year we will be located in East Hall, right in the middle of all of the SI goodness. We will have access to a refrigerator, so feel free to bring snacks, coffee, and remember to bring a reusable water bottle! As a community, we welcome young adults with children and families, but for safety reasons, this dormitory cannot house children under the age of 18. However, all YA program participants, whether housed in the YA dorm or elsewhere, are welcome to enjoy each other’s company in the YA dorm. One wing of the dorm will be substance free, and all YAs under 21 years old will be housed on this floor. Of course, those 21 and over who wish to stay on the substance free floor can request to do so on their registration.