SI Scholarships

The Planning Committee encourages first time applicants to apply. Anyone can apply for a scholarship who meets these criteria.

To apply

  1. Download the Application Packet and review it.
  2. Complete application and then talk with your minister or president. (If you do not have a minister or board president, contact the Scholarship Coordinator at
  3. The minster/chairperson must mail both the completed application and minister/chairperson support letter to the SI Scholarship Coordinator by June 1, 2018. This is a firm deadline. The application can not be processed without the minister support letter. Please supply your minister with a stamped envelope addressed to the Scholarship Coordinator.

Please note the following:

  • All applications must be mailed, you cannot scan and email or fax them.
  • All applications must be submitted with the support letter and application form in the same envelope.


Applications become available no later than April 1, 2018.
In order to meet the June 1st deadline, it is important that you request your application and minister support letter ASAP. There will be no exceptions to the June 1st deadline. There is enough time if you begin the process early.


2018 SI Scholarship Packet

Please return the application and the support form at the same time. They are both required and getting them together will make processing your application much easier.


  • Only the Scholarship Committee knows the names of individuals that receive scholarships.

Eligibility information

  • Verified financial need.
  • First time applicants are given first consideration.
  • A resident of CER and active in UU church activities.
  • Why do you want to attend SI?
Giving to the Scholarship Fund is easy. Remember your first SI and what it meant to you? You can donate as part of your registration process or by visiting the donation page.