SI Mobile Site

Visit the mobile site to see what is scheduled for when, and bookmark it on your phone for easy reference next week.

What’s happening tonight – Since the evening schedule is different every night, events are highlighted daily.

Daily Schedule – See what is happening each day, for both adult and youth programs. With popup maps for locations.

Latest News – Location changes, cancellations or additions to the schedule, everything that’s on the projector will be here, too. These will also be sent out on twitter, facebook, and google+ if you prefer to get your news there. Now you can submit your own announcements, too.

Map – Customized google map with our locations highlighted, and if you’re really lost, the ‘Where am I?’ button.

Weather – See the current forecast for Oberlin

Photos – Did you take a great photo at SI? Send it in, maybe it will be in the slideshow

Frequently Asked Questions – Helpful info that you don’t know you need until you need it šŸ˜‰