Seminar and Workshop Proposal Deadline Extended

CER SI-ers!   Have you enjoyed the morning seminars and afternoon workshop activities at SI in past years?  All of those activities were led by dedicated volunteers who had a passion for the topic and the skills to present and lead those sessions with you.  They submitted proposals and the SI Planning Committee spent hours reviewing them and choosing those that we believed would get the most participation. If you are interested in leading either a morning seminar (participants know that it’s a 5 day series) or an afternoon workshop (early or later, participants show up to join in according to their schedule) the deadline is drawing near.  If you are thinking about a “repeat performance” you might consider tweaking your curriculum or activity to make it more interesting to those who have done it in the past.   If you have a great idea but don’t feel qualified to lead it, simply find someone who would.  Talk to folks you know share your interests!

OCTOBER 6 is the deadline for submissions. (Yes, we’ve extended it a bit.)  SIPC will begin the processes of discernment very shortly after that date, so don’t be late! We are looking forward to hearing some fun, interesting, playful, thoughtful, challenging, leisurely, and inviting proposals.  Yours could be one of them!