Scholarship Applications for 2016

Scholarship Applications

2016 Scholarship applications are now available. Please click here to read instructions and access the forms.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline has changed this year. It is now May 1st, 2016 (in past years it was the end of May). This is the firm deadline for mailing both the application and letter of support. Which, by the way, are two things the scholarship coordinator really, really wants to receive together.

Also note that the form is slightly different from past years (we’re hoping it is easier to prepare now), and that the criteria for the supporter who can prepare your letter of support have been broadened and clarified.

Furthermore, the deadline has changed this year, and is now May FIRST.

The forms are in a fillable format, if you would like to type on them online, but applications do need to then be printed, signed, and given to your supporter along with the support form for them to fill out, and a stamped envelope addressed to the scholarship coordinator, whose address in on form.  If your supporter would like to type their responses on their form as well, you can send them the link above and they, too, can type and print.

By the way, the deadline? It’s now May 1st.

If you are reading this hoping to find out how to donate to the scholarship fund now that you are thinking about all your wonderful friends who are about to apply for one, this link is for you!

Thank you for your interest in attending Summer Institute! Again, the link to the application information and forms is:

In Community,

Gina Phillips

P.S. Did I mention that the deadline for applications has changed? It’s May 1st!