Resources and Links from the Theme Talk 2016 with Matt Meyer


“Covenant and Collective Action”
Resources and Links
from the SI Theme Talk 2016 with Matt Meyer

Matt’s Website:

Community Organizing

Organizing on the Side of Love: Tools and Tips for Interconnection and Impact (Webinar)

UU Justice Ohio, Organizing UU’s for legislative action

Momentum Training for building mass movements., climate-focused campaigns


Racial Justice

Black Lives Matter: 25 Resources for conversations on police violence.

Campaign Zero, demands for reform from Black Lives Matter

The case for Reparations, The Atlantic

Colorlines Magazine, amazing resource for racial justice issues.

Black Voices at Huffington Post.

Letter from a former slave to the Anderson Plantation

The New Jim Crow, Info, events, and resources.
Understanding Whiteness

Showing up for Racial Justice: Organizing white people for racial justice.

White Fragility

White Guilt to White Responsibility

5 Ways to Support Black Lives Matter

Pete Seeger, Solomon Linda, and the story of “Mbube.”


UUism & Racial Justice

The Door, not the House, an essay on cultural sharing by Matt Meyer

Black Lives Matter Resolution, UUA General Assembly 2015

2016 GA Closing Worship celebrating Black Lives Matter


UU Communities for Racial Justice

Black Lives of UU, for black UU’s.

DRUUMM, UU People of Color ministry

Allies for Racial Equity, an organization of white UU’s working on racial justice.


Emerging Ministries in UUism

Lucy Stone Co-op & Margaret Moseley Co-op, Follow, Fund, and Share UU Ministries

The future of faith, By Carey McDonald, Outreach Director for the UUA

Sacred Fire UU, Small group ministry out in the community.

Sanctuaries DC, a multi-faith, multi-racial arts community.

Worship at The Sanctuary Boston, vibrant worship grounded in UU values.

UU Community Cooperatives wins $100,000 from Forbes

Pew Research:  “Nones on the Rise”



Lucy Stone Co-op

Sanctuary Boston

Sanctuaries DC

Stop the Pipeline



Music (We Are Going) by Matthew Myer-Boulton

Let the Life I Lead, by Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson

The Farthest Field, by David Dodson

Courage My Friend.

Solid as a Rock