Personal Golf Carts

As many of you know, there was a time in our previous SI home that Kenyon College allowed people to bring personal golf carts that they had rented, then for our last couple of years there, they had changed policy.  This year we got a request from an SI’er to bring a personal cart. Since we are in a new home, we asked.

Oberlin will allow personal carts.  The college requires anyone bringing a cart onto campus to have liability insurance.

In addition, SIPC has agreed on the following policies regarding personal carts:

·       -Carts are allowed upon a representation that the cart is an important accommodation to ease a mobility impairment or other disability.

·       -A person bringing a personal cart must bring proof of insurance and provide it to the SIPC chair.

·       -Personal carts must be labelled as such to prevent confusion with the community golf cart service.

       -Carpooling to minimize the number of personal carts is strongly encouraged.

·       -Anyone driving or riding a personal cart does so at their own risk.

If you have any questions, contact Scott Piepho,