CER Summer Institute – it’s not too early to think about it, or to help others get there this summer!

Greetings, Summer Institute Friends!

While many of us are coping with more snow, snow days from school, and wearing our snow boots for yet another day – I’ve decided it’s high time we start thinking a bit about Summer Institute. I see two reasons for us to collectively begin thinking about SI if we aren’t already:

  1. Today is January 12, 2015. This year’s SI begins exactly 6 months from today! Yes, indeed – we will return to Oberlin, OH for SI on July 12, 2015 – precisely 6 months from today. This is simply the perfect day for us to start a countdown!
  2. 6-months-to-go is also a great time to check in with ourselves – about sharing financial support as we are each able through donations to our Summer Institute Scholarship Fund!

We shared some dialog (and my announcements) this past summer during SI that may have gotten you thinking about what exactly is important to you about SI. You may have found that you have a long list of the bits of SI that feed your soul, and you may have found that you have a shorter list of enormous bits.

I would like to request at this time, as we work our way through the winter months toward warmer days and the joys of Summer Institute that you revisit your thoughts on SI – what it means, what it feels like, and how it may have helped to form parts of you. If even half of the roughly 400 adults who typically attend SI considered a donation of about $60 ($10 per month for the 6 months between today and Summer Institute), we would raise around $12,000 for our scholarship program. Some of us may not be able to consider a $60 donation – and some of us might be able to consider a larger donation.

Won’t you consider a contribution to the Melanie Pescan Memorial Scholarship Fund so that others among us can be sure to share in our SI magic this coming July? Donations can be made online through either the CER Summer Institute or Ohio-Meadville District websites, with links provided below. Donation checks may also be mailed directly to the district office (address below) with a note in the memo field: “Pescan Scholarship Fund.”

SI Website:

CER site:
http://www.ohiomeadville.org/scholarships (Choose the Pescan fund option)

Mail to:
Ohio-Meadville District
Attn: Pescan Scholarship Fund
PO Box 157
St. Clairsville, OH43950

Thank you for taking this pause in your day to remember the warmer days of Summer Institute, and thank you for considering a donation to our important scholarship fund. I will return to your inboxes in the coming months with some new ideas and a few reminders about this critical need, and I hope to see every single one of you in Oberlin this coming July!

Alison Reed

CER Summer Institute

Scholarship Fundraising Coordinator