Changes for OMDSI 2014

Dear SI Community,

Regretfully we must tell you that Ysaye Barnwell will be dealing with significant health concerns in the coming months and that she must cancel her appearance at SI this summer. Although this is a disappointment for us, we assured Dr. Barnwell that our thoughts were with her for the difficult journey that she faces and that we hope to have the pleasure of her company during another SI in the near future.

We wanted to find a new theme speaker quickly but also to find someone who would be able to offer a strong theme talk. Gathering information on speakers from a number of sources, we assembled a short list. One name high on that list was Rabbi David Horowitz, whose theme talk on building faith was well received at SI 2005. Happily, he has agreed to speak this summer on “The Journey of Change,” a most appropriate topic for us to contemplate as we make our new space at Oberlin into our community home. More information on Rabbi Horowitz can be found at our website, along with lots of other information about SI 2014.

We on the Planning Committee appreciate the support that we have received from our community and the CER staff through this year fraught with change. Though we had looked forward to hearing from Dr. Barnwell this summer, we feel fortunate to have found such an inspiring speaker as Rabbi Horowitz on short notice. We hope to see all of you in July.

On behalf of the SI Planning Committee, and with hope that this is the last major change to announce for 2014,

Alan Halperin, Chair