Air Conditioning Dorms in Short Supply!

Summer Institute registration is in full swing.   We have over 235 people registered so far and we on the registration team are getting excited to see all of you in July. 

This year at Oberlin, our dorms are all near programming and meals.      There are traditional dorms and townhouses.   Unfortunately, this year we are short on Air Conditioning rooms.   The dorms we will be using do not have AC but Oberlin has offered to put air conditioners in some rooms.    However due to electrical demands – air conditioners can’t go in every room.   Next year we will have use of an all AC dorm on our end of campus but Oberlin is honoring a commitment to a student group they made a year ago,  so that dorm is unavailable to us. 

So our dilemma is SI registrants remembering how hot last year was at Kenyon and signing up for air conditioning in record numbers.   We simply do not have enough AC for everyone.    However the reason Oberlin doesn’t really have much AC is because it doesn’t usually get that hot.   Last July for example they had a week of high 80’s and 3 weeks of mid 70’s.  Who knows what this year will bring?  

Now we realize some people and families need AC for health reasons.   If you need AC for health reasons please let us know.   You will have first priority and we will do all we can to accommodate you.   

If you have already registered for air conditioning and would be willing to stay in a non AC dorm please let us know.   You will receive a refund and good karma from the registration team!  

There are still townhouses available – please remember each townhouse house has 4 bedrooms.   Due to the limited AC all bedrooms might need to be filled.    However two people can share the double bed in a bedroom making it more affordable to some.