Let’s Create ‘SI Magic’ for the Next Generation!

We all love SI. Almost every one of us has a story of SI magic: A new friend, an insight, perhaps even a transformation. As an intentional community, we are creative, multigenerational and full of joy. But we also know that there are financial barriers to participation. And we know that—as we hope to invite others to enjoy the SI magic–we need to be mindful and faithful about how we grow.

This week, we invite everyone at SI to share their own creative suggestions for how we might be able to keep the SI magic while addressing some of our growing edges:

Session 1: SI Culture: What is essential to the magic of SI? What must we keep as we move forward? (Monday at 6:30pm)

Session 2: SI Stewardship: How might we re-imagine how we can include people of all economic means while honoring the contributions of the Planning Committee, the workshop leaders and other folks who help create the magic but can’t participate fully in the experience? (Tuesday at 1:30pm)

Session 3: SI Covenant: What promises do we need to make to one another to create this next version of SI Magic? (Wednesday at 3:15pm)

Location for all sessions: Fellowship Hall at First Church
All three sessions will be “World Café” style, facilitated by the Rev. Renee Ruchotzke