Parent Responsibilities

  • Provide full disclosure regarding physical/emotional issues to classroom teachers.
  • Know that when my child is not in an SI program that provides adult supervision, I am directly responsible for his/ her supervision, including meal time.
  • Know that I am responsible for my child’s health, well-being, safety and good behavior at SI.
  • Know that if my child fails to follow SI or Oberlin College rules, he/she may have to remain with me during the remainder of SI and that continued failure to follow rules may result in he/ she being requested to leave.
  • Know that I am responsible for any property damage that my child may cause.
  • Be prompt in picking up children after their programs.
  • Enforce 9 PM curfew (bedtime) for small children (2nd grade and under). No later than 10 PM for children 3rd-6th grade. Sleep is not over-rated!
  • Know that I must register all children including infants.