About the Youth Program

2018 Youth Theme Speakers – Eva Beal, Claire Galpern, India Harris

Youth can be a powerful force in fighting for the way they want things to be.  Summer Institute enthusiasts Claire and Eva will be leading the youth program on youth activism and youth-led organizing. With racial justice and gender equality as the focus, they will equip the youth will tools for social change.  As longtime SI attendees and veterans of the youth program, Claire and Eva will engage the youth in what promises to be a lively week complete with interactive activities and participatory games.  They […]

Youth Safety Guidelines

The SI Youth Program strives to create an environment of safety that fosters youth independence and accountability. A panel of youth and adult leadership help to create that environment as well as manage situations that may arise with empathy and confidentiality. All youth staff are committed to providing a safe and healthy community, which means we regularly reexamine policies and procedures. Youth Rules and Expectations Youth are expected to follow the covenant that they help write, attend all youth programming including morning theme talk and […]

A Day in the Life of an SI Youth

Sunday On their first day, the youth will generally arrive before dinner. They will unpack their belongings into their dorms and then have free time until dinner. After dinner there will be a community-wide opening ceremony in the church, followed by a mandatory youth opening. Here, new youth will be bridged in and the SI Youth Panel will go over the rules. Partway through the meeting, the youth will be assigned to touch groups, smaller groups of about 10 youth that check in every day […]

The Youth Program

The SI Youth Program is a week-long place to explore and learn about UU ethics and values without some of the constraints of today’s society, while still in a safe environment. A core part of SI, the Youth Program offers age-appropriate programming for about 125 youth from rising 7th graders – 12th graders. Youth have our own theme speakers each morning, after which we participate in a variety of morning workshops, such as music jam sessions, cooking for coffee house, crafts, games, dancing, and planning […]

Touch-Base Groups

What are Touch-Base Groups? Each touch group consists of around ten youth and they are led by a specially trained youth leader and an adult leader. Touch groups meet daily to play games, do crafts, talk and provide a smaller, casual setting for you to get better acquainted with other youth.


During the first night of Summer Institute the youth have a bridging ceremony. This is an event for incoming Seventh graders or youth who are new to Summer Institute to formally join the youth community. It is a joyous celebration as well as a physical symbol of initiation into the youth community. What to expect from bridging: Bridging is an important event in the youth community. Most, if not all, youth and parents attend. There will be multiple announcements about where and when bridging will […]

Youth Chaplains

What are chaplains? If you are having an issue or just want to talk to someone, there is a youth chaplain and an adult chaplain available. Their primary purpose at SI is to provide a supportive ear for those who need it.

Youth Panel

Youth Co-Chairs Jimmy Moore Tucker Phillips Youth Members Trecia Cintron David Homsher Robin McBride Danny McNulty CB Roman Adult Co-Chairs Chris Hurlbut Lauren Straubhaar Mike Frye