Used for announcements during SI week

Let’s Rename OMDSI

Now that the Ohio Meadville District no longer exists, it’s time to change the name of CER Summer Institute!  While the acronym OMDSI is unbelievably catchy, the new UUA regional organization opens up the possibility for something even better.  Please send your nominations to We will also have boxes in First Church just outside the sanctuary, and in Stevenson Dining Hall. At the end of the week, campers will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite name as part of the regular SI […]

Nominations for SIPC and SICoM

The SI Planning Committee (SIPC), which is responsible for making SI happen each year, consists of 9 members who each serve for 3 years. Each year, the 3 members who have served for 3 years leave the committee and are replaced. Recruitment of new planning committee members was previously done by the existing SIPC, but a new process was implemented in 2017. The SI Committee on Ministry (SICoM) was formed to recruit new nominees for both itself and the SIPC. In addition, SICoM addresses longer […]

Sell at the SI bookstore!

Hey everyone, it’s not too late to share your art and crafts at the SI bookstore! There are no fees to vend at the bookstore, but 15% of your sales go to the SI scholarship fund to help others enjoy the magic that is SI. Not particularly crafty, don’t worry, you can offer a service like chair massage, or reiki.  You can also help the scholarship fund by donating an item or gift basket for our raffle table.  Please send me a quick email at […]

Theme Talk Slides

If you would like a copy of the slides that have been shown during morning theme talks, Sheila will be providing us with many of them, which we will then post on our OMDSI website.