Late Afternoon Workshops (3:15—4:45)

  • Ultimate Frisbee

    Connor McCrystal and Ryan Haker

    Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most popular workshops at SI with over 40 participants taking part on most days. Connor and Ryan have been playing at SI since they were 10 years old and keep coming back because they love the truly intergenerational aspect of the workshop. Participants will need athletic attire, a water bottle, and sunscreen.

  • Community Drum Circle

    Rebekah Benner

    Make a joyful noise in a free-form conversation with percussion, suitable for all ages!
    This will be a gently-led drum circle, some basic lessons, a few simple songs; with an emphasis on learning to use our musical “voices” in a group conversation! Some rattles, bells, and small drums will be available; but, if you have percussion toys to share, please bring them along!

  • Dungeons and Dragons

    John Bores and Reid Parsons

    This workshop is open to everyone in middle school and older. Dungeons and Dragons is a table-top fantasy role-playing game. The leader of the group runs a campaign, or story, for the participants, acting as their eyes and ears into the world. Dice, pencils and paper serve as the mechanics of the universe, keeping track of the player’s abilities and influencing the outcome of events.

  • Socrates Café

    J ane Dirks

    Socrates believed that all people had something to contribute to human thought and understanding. That’s why he took his philosophy “to the streets,” engaging those he met with his famous questions. In his book “Socrates Café,” philosopher Christopher Phillips develops a technique to get the practice of philosophy out of the Ivory Tower and back into the public square. Using Phillips’ methods, we will generate A Big Question every afternoon, and tackle it through lively and open discussion. Anyone with a brain (or even half!) is welcome! Participants should bring a notebook, if they would like to record thoughts or comments, but nothing is required.

  • Integration of Dance, Yoga and Tai Chi

    Nassim Mir

    In this workshop we will learn a combination of free form dance, yoga and Tai Chi accompanied with international music. Participants should bring a yoga mat, men should wear comfortable clothes, and women clothes that flow & a light scarf.

  • Sacred Song Circle

    Saunis Parsons

    Want to avoid the early crush of people waiting in line for dinner? Instead, come join us for 30 joyful minutes of spiritual and spirited singing in community with the Sacred Song Circle. This group meets from 5:00 till 5:30 every day and is open to everyone regardless of age, singing experience or musical expertise. Sacred songs come from a variety of sources and are songs with a positive message or theme like peace, love, community, and care for the earth. Bring water to wet your whistle. No need to sign up. The more the merrier!

  • Hogwarts

    Wendy Mann, Todd Packer, Special appearances by Kent Hogwarts professors, Prefects from the Kent Hogwarts David, Merlin and others..

    With guest wizards and prefects from far and wide, new activities joining old favorites, songs galore and magical fun, it will be a special Hogwarts this year. We invite you to join us on the Quest for the Invisible Chalice. We look forward to good times and as we pursue how UU principles and Hogwarts practices can help kids have fun while discovering the invisible and learning to use light for good.

    Daily activities include:


    • singing the Hogwarts’ House songs as well as some re­purposed tunes
    • ­

    • an art, craft or experiment relating to the theme of the invisible chalice
    • ­

    • physical activities to build confidence and community
    • ­

    • and, of course, Quidditch Practice

    Special events during the week include:


    • The Sorting Hat announces your house (on Tuesday with a special announcer)
    • ­

    • Making special House banners
    • ­

    • Special visit from none other than Professor Dazzleswift!

    Participants: please bring a wand (or a stick) to be decorated, a cloak or large black button down shirt that can be cut to size. (we will have limited extras)

    Children 5 and under: please bring a parent or guardian! (recommended age is 5 and older)

    Prefects please bring your singing voices to help and lead your house song!

    • Also in the Afternoon:
      Pat Lorei – Folk Orchestra
      Hal Walker – Choir
      Theme Talk Back