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2018 Slideshow Available!

You can relive Summer Institute 2018 here:

2018 Slideshow

Already thinking about SI 2019?

All of the morning and afternoon workshops happen because someone had an idea, some knowledge to share, or an activity they enjoy. If this week has you thinking of an idea for a morning or afternoon workshop, the SIPC wants to hear from you! Continue reading →

Let’s Rename OMDSI

Now that the Ohio Meadville District no longer exists, it’s time to change the name of CER Summer Institute!  While the acronym OMDSI is unbelievably catchy, the new UUA regional organization opens up the possibility for something even better.  Please send your nominations to We will also have boxes in First Church just outside the sanctuary, and in Stevenson Dining Hall. At the end of the week, campers will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite name as part of the regular SI […]

Nominations for SIPC and SICoM

The SI Planning Committee (SIPC), which is responsible for making SI happen each year, consists of 9 members who each serve for 3 years. Each year, the 3 members who have served for 3 years leave the committee and are replaced. Recruitment of new planning committee members was previously done by the existing SIPC, but a new process was implemented in 2017. The SI Committee on Ministry (SICoM) was formed to recruit new nominees for both itself and the SIPC. In addition, SICoM addresses longer […]

Here’s a PEEK! at a Game We Play

On Thursday night at SI, you have a choice of two games. There’s a Euchre tournament, designed for people who already know how to play the game. You can sign up for that, with a partner, during the week. And then there’s PEEK! PEEK! is a game involving both dice and cards. It is wide open – all you must do is show up. It’s easy – you get lessons right there and can pick it up immediately. I for families – the game has […]

Sell at the SI bookstore!

Hey everyone, it’s not too late to share your art and crafts at the SI bookstore! There are no fees to vend at the bookstore, but 15% of your sales go to the SI scholarship fund to help others enjoy the magic that is SI. Not particularly crafty, don’t worry, you can offer a service like chair massage, or reiki.  You can also help the scholarship fund by donating an item or gift basket for our raffle table.  Please send me a quick email at […]

It’s Good News/Bad News Time!

The Good News is that it’s June 1, which means there’s only a little over a month before Summer Institute. The Bad News is that, at 11:59pm tonight, we must start charging a $75 registration fee per person. The Other Good News is that you still have time to register without that fee, by registering before midnight tonight. The Even Better News is that, if you’ve never come to Summer Institute, you can still register to attend without having to pay that registration fee for […]

Register by June 1st

If you’re going to come to Summer Institute, you might as well save $75 in doing it, right? Register by June 1st to avoid the $75 registration fee. If you’re staff, this is not just recommended but required.

Ready for SI??? So is your SIT Team

SIT Team??? Your SI Transportation Team! We are preparing for your week at Summer Institute! We are 4 drivers and two 6 passenger carts. We will be traversing the campus during peak activity times – before and between major activities such as workshops, meals, worship times and other highly attended activity times. The purpose of the SIT Team and our carts is to assist campers with mobility issues and help them get to activities on campus. Of course, if your mobility issue is that you […]

SI Registration Open! NO Fooling!!

The Summer Institute Brochure with workshops can be found here. Registration opens Sunday April 1st at 12:00 am! Register here. If you are staff for Summer Institute please contact your SIPC liaison for campership number and the tier of the staff position. Scholarship applications can be found here. Any questions please let us know! Bruce Kent 2018 SIPC Chair

Summer Institute Covenant

We value the “Summer Institute Magic” that we co-create for one week every year, so we promise to: Treat each individual and their gifts with gratitude. Make space for the creative and unexpected delights we might share with the community. Offer a generosity of spirit to each other as we make mistakes or are disappointed. We value the expectation of mutuality, so we promise to: Model and respect healthy boundaries, so that our diverse community is safe for all. Develop and maintain a heart of […]

Job Applications are now open

Job Applications are now open! Please consider these great opportunities to serve our community and be part of making Summer Institute the fantastic experience you know it to be. Please submit your application by the end of Friday, 2018-03-09. SI Job Application If you would like to apply for multiple positions, please submit a separate application for each. Thank you very much for your participation, and for being part of the Summer Institute team! SIPC Thank you!

Chair’s Letter

The temperature outside is in the thirties, a veritable heat wave compared to the last month. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, which is absurd. Punxatawny Phil not only saw his shadow back in February, but I think he just saw it again. Let’s face it, winter looks like it is never going to end. And yet, there is hope. The First Sign of Spring has been seen. No, not a singing robin. Not the Good Humor man. The real First Sign of Spring happened on […]

Theme Speaker – David W. Orr

David W. Orr is the Paul Sears Distinguished Professor, Environmental Studies and Politics Emeritus and world-renowned environmentalist. David is widely sought-after speaker and the author of eight books, including Dangerous Years: Climate Change, the Long Emergency, and the Way Forward (2016) and Hope is an Imperative (2010). He has a long track record of working tirelessly to create a sustainable, just and prosperous world. David helped launch the green campus movement in the 1980’s, and then came to Oberlin where he led the effort to […]