Free time activities

While there is lots of programming at SI, there are also ample opportunities for relaxing self-paced activities.

Quiet Spaces, Quiet times

There are a lot of activities planned for the week. While participating is important, it is also nice to take a few moments out of our day for some alone time. The campus has many places perfect for quiet reflection, meditation, book-reading or people-watching. There are chairs and benches scattered all around the campus, and beautiful trees to sit under. Take some time out of your busy day to enjoy the surroundings.

Walk the Labyrinth

Want some time away from things, to meditate, think about all the wonderful things you did at SI, or just take a relaxing walk? Take a walk on the labyrinth.

Want to do something with your young kids? Explain to them that they walk this path, but NEVER cross over a rope–the path will take them to the center then back out. Let them lead you on it. Kids love it. So will you.

The SI Bookstore

The headquarters for SI T-shirts, Skinner House & Beacon Press books, works by SI artists, and the SI scholarship raffle is located just off the Dining Hall.  Stop in after lunch or dinner with your cash, check, or  major credit card. Profits go to the  Melanie Pescan scholarship fund.

Bring your bike & helmet

If you haven’t ridden a bike since the last ice age, now is your chance to prove that you still can. Oil up that old tricycle in the garage, or bicycle built for two in the shed, and bring it to SI!

Swimming, basketball, etc

The pool will be available as well as the basketball and volleyball courts. Tennis courts are outside. Climbing wall in the athletic center, too!