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Register by June 1st

If you’re going to come to Summer Institute, you might as well save $75 in doing it, right? Register by June 1st to avoid the $75 registration fee. If you’re staff, this is not just recommended but required.…

Ready for SI??? So is your SIT Team

SIT Team??? Your SI Transportation Team! We are preparing for your week at Summer Institute!

We are 4 drivers and two 6 passenger carts. We will be traversing the campus during peak activity times – before and between major activities such as workshops, meals, worship times and other highly attended activity times.

The purpose of the SIT Team and our carts is to assist campers with mobility issues and help them get to activities on campus. Of course, if your mobility issue is that you are simply exhausted from all the exciting activities, you are invited to take a ride. There will be times when folks who have more complicated needs will be given priority.…