Monthly Archives: December 2016

Congratulations Rabbi Horowitz

Congratulations to Rabbi David Horowitz, two-time Summer Institute theme speaker,who was honored last month in Akron. He was awarded the Tikkun Olam Award at the Campus Gala of the Schultz Campus for Jewish Life. The video made in his honor can be seen here:…

Seeking 2017 T-Shirt Designs!

It’s that time of the year! No, not that thing with the carols… it’s time for us to ask our wonderful, talented community for designs for the Summer Institute 2017 t-shirt!

As a reminder, the SI 2017 theme is “Beyond Lip Service: The Courage to Communicate UU Values.”

What do you get for designing the t-shirt? This year, you will receive TWO free t-shirts. You could get one t-shirt for you and one for a friend, or two for you – one colored, and one white for tie-dye! (Or you could give BOTH of them away – it’s entirely up to you what you want to do with them.) More importantly, you will have the pleasure of seeing your artwork on everyone’s backs while at SI 2017 (and, knowing us, years to come).…

New Year (almost), New Camperships

Hello SI’ers! As the weather has made a very sudden turn to winter, let’s all distract ourselves with thoughts of Summer!

If you submitted a workshop or seminar proposal, you probably noticed that there were some new names for camperships. This year the Summer Institute Planning Council is trying something new. Instead of the traditional “half camperships” and “full camperships” that are given for work done at SI, we now have four tiers of camperships.

First things first, though. What is a campership? A campership is a discount off of the cost of SI that is given for some of the larger volunteer positions.…