Monthly Archives: October 2016

A Spooky Reminder


Want to hear something spooky this Halloween season?

The morning seminar and afternoon workshop proposal deadline is creeping, creeping, closer… closer… through the darkest night, on bat’s wings and spider’s legs…

There have been some issues with the links to proposals, however. I apologize for any confusion. The morning seminar application is here:

And the afternoon workshop application is here:

The deadline is frighteningly close, so don’t delay (hint: it’s the day before Halloween).

Gina Phillips, SIPC Chair…

Can You Hear Me?


Do you remember what the pitch man in the Verizon commercials used to say? “Can you hear me?” That’s also what I used to think, before I joined the SIPC. Can they hear me? I would wonder. Are they paying any attention to what I was thinking? Many of you are probably wondering that now. I can tell you, we do listen, we do pay attention, we do hear you. For example, we’ve been looking at the 2016 Summer Institute Survey results. We spent several hours talking about what you had to say, discussing your problems and possible solutions, and considering your suggestions for improvements.…

Summer Institute 2017 Proposals

Do you have an idea for a morning or afternoon workshop? Feel something was missing? Have a skill or interest to share? The deadline for proposals is October 30th. Please read the paragraphs at the top of the forms that describe campership levels.

Morning Proposals:

Afternoon Proposals:…