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Scholarship Applications for 2016

Scholarship Applications

2016 Scholarship applications are now available. Please click here to read instructions and access the forms.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline has changed this year. It is now May 1st, 2016 (in past years it was the end of May). This is the firm deadline for mailing both the application and letter of support. Which, by the way, are two things the scholarship coordinator really, really wants to receive together.

Also note that the form is slightly different from past years (we’re hoping it is easier to prepare now), and that the criteria for the supporter who can prepare your letter of support have been broadened and clarified.…

Chair’s Letter

It has arrived, the time when the 2016 Summer Institute Planning Council (SIPC) welcomes old friends and new friends to join us this summer at Oberlin College.

Our Theme for 2016 is “Covenant and Collective Action” with Matt Meyer who will guide us through the exploration of Unitarian Universalism in the sanctuary, in the house and in the streets.  Through song and rhythm, story and reflection, we’ll explore what a radically inclusive, spiritually alive, and justice centered movement of Unitarian Universalism looks like.

Summer Institute creates space to be engaged, find quiet spots for meditation, share meals with old friends, make new connections, worship and sing together, carry on traditions of tie dyeing, playing Ultimate Frisbee, making music, and eating soft serve three times a day if you like.…

Theme Speaker: Matt Meyer

Covenant and Collective ActionMattMeyer2

Unitarian Universalism is a faith of covenant and collective action.  Our shared spiritual practice informs our work in the world, and our social justice work shapes our spiritual path. This year’s theme talk will be an exploration of Unitarian Universalism in the sanctuary, in the home, and in the streets. We will look at what the experience of music has to teach us about community, the stories of our shared faith, and the how we live our values in the world. We will share the best practices for deepening worship and hear the stories of UU’s exploring new ways of living their faith in congregations and beyond.…


Rev. Rose Eddington Rev. Edington has a BA from Alderson-Broaddus College (1969) with a major  in Humanities with an emphasis on English Literature; a Master’s of Divinity in Theology from Colgate-Rochester Divinity School (1973), Rochester, NY;  and a Doctor in Ministry in Feminist Liberation Theology from Episcopal Divinity School (1998), Cambridge, MA.

She was ordained to the American Baptist ministry in 1975, but found herself struggling with traditional Christian theology and burgeoning feminist theory and theology.  She served as Director of the Stamford CT Area Sexual Abuse Crisis Center and began to explore UUism, becoming Director of Religious Education at the UU Society of Stamford.  …

Getting Ready for OMDSI 2016!

We know everyone is excited about OMDSI 2016, and registration will open soon on April 1st (no fooling!). To help get you ready, here are a few links of interest:

2016 Morning Seminars

2016 Cost Estimator…

Morning Seminars

Youth Program (arriving 7th grade-Completed 12th grade)

Drumming and Community

Matt Dudack’s Found Sounds

The drum is a worldwide phenomenon, with every culture having their own version of percussion music.  Found Sounds will take the audience on a virtual journey to Africa, Cuba, Brazil, and Trinidad and Tobago to show how drumming is a part of life.  Alumni of the University of Akron Percussion Program, the musicians will have the participants create percussion music and learn about the historical and cultural context of drumming, especially that of the steel pan. All youth will engage in the different styles of drumming and have the opportunity to make music together.…

Young Adult Program (SI-ers aged 18-35)

YAs at SI are a diverse, growing community. Because young adulthood is a time of transition and self-discovery, this year’s Young Adult theme is all about balancing UU beliefs and ideals with living in the real world. Young Adults join the general community for most daytime activities, including meals, theme talk, morning worship, workshops, and evening vespers. They also engage in Young Adult specific activities, which include themed touch-base groups and their own worship. The themed touch-base groups offer a variety of activities that range from exploring nature to discussing what “growing up” really means, and provide a daily opportunity for first-timers and old-timers alike to meet new people.…

Early Afternoon Workshops (1:30– 3:00)

Unlike adult morning seminars, children’s RE, and youth programming where you commit for the week, afternoons at SI are more “come and go as you please.” You don’t sign up for these workshops but enjoy the offerings, or exercise, (or nap!) as the spirit moves you. Most are intergenerational and designed to be experienced by families together. Please remember to be responsible for your children during this time. Early afternoon workshops are from 1:30 to 3 each afternoon. Late afternoon workshops are from 3:15 to 4:45.…

Late Afternoon Workshops (3:15—4:45)

Also in the Afternoon:
Pat Lorei – Folk Orchestra
Hal Walker – Choir
Theme Talk Back…


Each evening’s events are planned to engage, entertain and provide relaxation for campers of all ages:

Evening Programs

A  CD release concert with Hal Walker/ You, You and Me

Contra Dance

Hymn Sing

Small Ensembles

Youth Coffee House

Children’s Talent Show



Euchre Night

Monte Carlo

Dance The Pub

From 9:30 PM onward, adults gather there to socialize, share a pub beverage, make music, play games and make new friends while reconnecting with old ones. It’s a great place to relax and hang out when the day’s events are over. This is a great time for families to utilize the Childcare Co-op.…