Monthly Archives: January 2016

Youth Safety Guidelines

The SI Youth Program strives to create an environment of safety that fosters youth independence and accountability. A panel of youth and adult leadership help to create that environment as well as manage situations that may arise with empathy and confidentiality. All youth staff are committed to providing a safe and healthy community, which means we regularly reexamine policies and procedures.

Youth Rules and Expectations

Youth are expected to follow the covenant that they help write, attend all youth programming including morning theme talk and touch group meetings, as well as a few other rules set forth to create a safe environment which include…

  • no sex
  • no abuse or violence
  • no substance use
  • Respect for others and their property


All youth, including senior high youth, are required to stay in the same dorm as their parent or sponsor.  …

A Day in the Life of an SI Youth


On their first day, the youth will generally arrive before dinner. They will unpack their belongings into their dorms and then have free time until dinner. After dinner there will be a community-wide opening ceremony in the church, followed by a mandatory youth opening. Here, new youth will be bridged in and the SI Youth Panel will go over the rules. Partway through the meeting, the youth will be assigned to touch groups, smaller groups of about 10 youth that check in every day throughout the week, and will leave with that group to have their first meeting while the parents stay and have a Q&A with the panel.…

Whaddya mean? There’s MORE we can do at SI?!

Have you ever found yourself at SI wishing you could find a group of folks who shared your interest in an activity or topic for discussion or just wanted to sit around and talk about what you’re experiencing at SI? You might just want to join with them once or twice or simply “go with the flow” and maybe meet more often or have lunch together. Maybe you’d like to develop a new generation of Mahjong enthusiasts. Or get together in the afternoon to talk or play board games. Or maybe some of your friends have agreed to bring their ukuleles and you all want to sit around in the afternoon and play together and share techniques and music.  …