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The Melanie Pescan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Summer Institute is the Central East Region’s week long summer camp at Oberlin College. Donations are accepted to the scholarship fund to help everyone attend this great week of camp.

The fund is named for Melanie Pescan, who had attended and worked as a member of the planning committee for years and recently lost her battle with cancer.

There are 3 ways you can donate:

1. Donate using PayPal:

Fill out my online form.

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Hal Walker

Hal Walker is a singer, songwriter and musical explorer. During the rest of the year, Hal is the music director of the Unitarian-Universalist church of Kent. He brings his talents to Summer Institute each year.…

The Youth Program

The SI Youth Program is a week-long place to explore and learn about UU ethics and values without some of the constraints of today’s society, while still in a safe environment. A core part of SI, the Youth Program offers age-appropriate programming for about 125 youth from rising 7th graders – 12th graders. Youth have our own theme speakers each morning, after which we participate in a variety of morning workshops, such as music jam sessions, cooking for coffee house, crafts, games, dancing, and planning for that evening’s youth worship.

Following lunch in the dining hall, you can attend a variety of inter-generational afternoon workshops (everything from Ultimate Frisbee to Dungeons & Dragons.) Your evenings are filled with various activities, including talent shows, card games, dances, movies, games, hand-drumming circles or just hanging out with other UU youth.…

Small Ensembles

Connect with one or more others who like to perform the kind of music you enjoy, put a group together, and perform for concerts on Thursday and/or Friday nights. Watch for a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the Dining Hall starting Sunday night, and for a lunch table near the exit of the dining room for Small Ensembles discussion. Then you rehearse on your own schedule with your group. If you don’t know others who play instruments needed for your ensemble, we’ll help you find others who might like your idea and a new SI music group is born!…

Touch-Base Groups

What are Touch-Base Groups? Each touch group consists of around ten youth and they are led by a specially trained youth leader and an adult leader. Touch groups meet daily to play games, do crafts, talk and provide a smaller, casual setting for you to get better acquainted with other youth. …

A typical day at SI

Your day begins when you want it to.  No one is forcing you to get out of bed.  SI’s day begins as early as 7am, when the dining hall opens for breakfast.

At 8:15, our morning service begins.  Services are performed by ministers and lay leaders from around the district, giving you a chance to see techniques and hear sermons that you’ve never heard before.  Music is supplied by our SI Chorus, which, if you like, you can join.

It’s from the morning services that your children, those younger than middle school, take off for RE, where they’ll be taught by some of the finest teachers our district has to offer, and will make friends that can last a lifetime. …

An Intentional Community

Summer Institute is an intentional intergenerational community that gets created and re-created each summer as we come together to live fully as Unitarian Universalists. It is a vacation week to grow, relax, play, and connect. It is a time to experience workshops and new ideas. It is a place for relaxed conversations with old friends and friends you do not yet know. It is a time to recharge and live fully.…


After the adult theme talk, it’s time to head off to morning workshops. These vary year to year, depending upon proposals. Anything from theological discussion, making art, dancing, yoga, or watching film clips. If the mood strikes you, you can also just sit under a tree and read a good book.

Specific morning workshops are always detailed in the online brochure, shortly before registration opens.…

Campus map

Using this map, you can familiarize yourself with the layout of the Oberlin campus. As the committee makes decisions regarding which spaces will be used for which events, we will make updates.…

Folk Orchestra

folk (fok) n. 1.An ethnic group, as a tribe or nation. orchestra (or ki stra) n. 1. A large group of musicians performing together on various instruments. The SI tribe of instrumental musicians will gather in late afternoon to make ready some sounds supportive of adult vespers services (and maybe a morning worship service as well).

Suggested for tribal participation:

  1. having an instrument
  2. playing of aforementioned instrument
  3. music reading ability about middle school level. Leader (hereafter known as “mediator”) will really, really try to keep music in the F-C-G neighborhood.

What to bring to Summer Institute

For Registration

  • Your Confirmation Letter
  • Your church/society’s banner

For Your Room

  • Extra-long sized twin sheets, pillow cases and towels (NO LINENS FROM OBERLIN) – pillow and blanket provided

Hymn Sing

One evening, everyone interested gets together with others who love to sing, and all sing their favorite hymns. It’s a lot of fun, even if some people are a little hoarse at the pub or the next morning at breakfast.…

The SI Bookstore

The headquarters for SI t-shirts, Skinner House & Beacon Press books, works by SI artists, and the SI scholarship raffle is located just off the Dining Hall.…

Getting Around

Almost all of Summer Institute’s activities take place a short walk from where our main housing is located. Worship, theme talks and workshops are scheduled in various buildings around the main quad. Most attendees walk or ride bikes between those locations, but SI provides golf cart transportation for those with limited mobility challenges.  For those who will benefit from building-to-building transportation, please see our information about bringing or renting personal mobility devices.…

Monte Carnival Night

Step right up and join the party with the Young Adults as we host our famous night of games, prizes, and fun! This night will consist of fun games ranging from GIANT Jenga, corn hole, blinking contests, various card games, and more. All games can be wagered for “Nathan Bucks” and then exchanged for prizes at the end. There will also be face painting, fortune telling, and more. All proceeds go towards the SI Scholarship fund, see you there!…