Call for Nominations

The SI Planning Council (SIPC), which is responsible for making SI happen each year, consists of 9 members who each serve for 3 years.  Each year, the 3 members who have served for 3 years leave the committee and are replaced.  Recruitment of new planning committee members has been done by the existing committee, a process that has generally served to preserve SI but is somewhat lacking in transparency and involvement of the wider community.

The newly formed SI Committee on Ministry (SICoM) has been charged with addressing longer term policies and procedures, including implementing and evaluating the Right Relations Policy as well as assisting with recruitment for both itself and the SIPC.  This year we are formally soliciting the SI community for nominees to serve on either committee.

Depending on who is leaving these committees, both committees have specific needs in terms of skills (i.e. experience with children, ministry, event planning, electronic media, policy assessment, etc.)  Nominees who are judged to be best able to fill the needs of the committee(s) and who are able to make the time commitment will be assembled on a slate that will be presented to the SI community for an up or down vote.

We are counting you to provide names of SI community members who you believe would be good choices for either the SIPC or SICoM.  SIPC members should generally have attended SI a minimum of 3 times, preferably with some experience in service or leadership within the community.  SICoM members should have attended SI at least 5 times.

SIPC members, who receive a Tier 1 campership, make a commitment to attend monthly planning meetings and work during SI for 3 years.  SICoM members commit to attending SI for 3 years as well as attending meetings every two months which are often conducted over electronic media rather than in person.

Please send your nominations to  And please include a couple of sentences on why you want to nominate the person(s).