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Ready for SI??? So is your SIT Team

SIT Team??? Your SI Transportation Team! We are preparing for your week at Summer Institute!

We are 4 drivers and two 6 passenger carts. We will be traversing the campus during peak activity times – before and between major activities such as workshops, meals, worship times and other highly attended activity times.

The purpose of the SIT Team and our carts is to assist campers with mobility issues and help them get to activities on campus. Of course, if your mobility issue is that you are simply exhausted from all the exciting activities, you are invited to take a ride. There will be times when folks who have more complicated needs will be given priority. (If you are one of those, introduce yourself to our wonderful drivers and we will keep an eye out for you!)

Additionally, if you are one who has continuous need of transportation, you have another option. You may wish to use a personal scooter. If you own your own, you certainly are encouraged to bring it. If you think you may need one during the week, we have made arrangements with a local company for you to call and reserve one. You will need to call them to reserve the cart and any “accessories” (NPL Home Medical in Elyria, OH at 440-365-8581, ask for Cody, and tell them this is for Summer Institute, 7/8-14. Cal Frye, SIPC member, will be picking them up on 7/7, and returning them for you.) You will pay the company directly. We will make sure you will have it on Sunday afternoon. You will turn it in to us on Saturday and Cal will return it. Again, this service is arranged for you through the Summer Institute Planning Council, so when you call to rent a scooter, be sure to identify yourself as a camper at SI.

If you have a financial need for assistance with a scooter rental due to physical disability, please contact, Cal Fry ( or 440-420-9450) for information. There are available funds to support those who have mobility issues and financial need.

There is a very short time before SI! It will certainly go fast!! Enjoy this beautiful Spring and start gearing up for Summer Institute 2018!!!!

SI Registration Open! NO Fooling!!

The Summer Institute Brochure with workshops can be found here.

Registration opens Sunday April 1st at 12:00 am! Register here.

If you are staff for Summer Institute please contact your SIPC liaison for campership number and the tier of the staff position.

Scholarship applications can be found here.

Any questions please let us know!

Bruce Kent
2018 SIPC Chair

Accepting 2018 T-shirt Designs!

We are seeking t-shirt designs for 2018 Summer Institute! This year’s theme is “Hope is an Imperative,” focusing on climate change! The designer of this year’s t-shirt will receive TWO free t-shirts – one for you, and one for a friend or family member! Please send design proposals to by April 30th.

Job Applications Available

Thank you to all who applied for a Job at Summer Institute!  Someone will be contacting you about your application shortly.

If you didn’t apply already, there are still unfilled jobs.  Please consider these great opportunities to serve our community and be part of making Summer Institute the fantastic experience you know it to be. Please submit your application by the end of Friday, 2018-03-30.

SI Job Application

If you would like to apply for multiple positions, please submit a separate application for each.

Thank you very much for your participation, and for being part of the Summer Institute team!


Thank you!


Job Applications are now open

Job Applications are now open! Please consider these great opportunities to serve our community and be part of making Summer Institute the fantastic experience you know it to be. Please submit your application by the end of Friday, 2018-03-09.

SI Job Application

If you would like to apply for multiple positions, please submit a separate application for each.

Thank you very much for your participation, and for being part of the Summer Institute team!


Thank you!

Applications for the 2018 Summer Institute Morning Seminars/Afternoon Workshops

Dear Members of our Summer Institute Family:

It’s the nature of something like Summer Institute that, once one year’s gathering ends, we must immediately start planning for the next year’s gathering. The 2017 SI ended in July, and the Summer Institute Planning Council got right to work. We’ve met, and reviewed what went on in 2017, and read your comments about it (you’ll hear more about that later). Now it’s time to start on the 2018 SI. The first order of business is Morning Seminars and Afternoon Workshops.

Here are two links to the individual applications:

Morning Seminars:

Afternoon Workshops:

They are very easy applications to fill out. Just type in the responses to the questions, and return it to the email address given.

Now, I hear you ask, should I do a Morning Seminar, or an Afternoon Workshop. Well, that depends on what you want to do. Remember, the Morning Seminars are aimed at adults, and have to be taught to one group five mornings during the week. The Afternoon Workshops are drop-in, and should be aimed at an intergenerational audience. Both are extremely important to the success of SI.

But if I want to create a workshop or seminar, what should I do it on? That’s a question that everybody asks. The answer is simple. Is there something that you’re passionate about? Something that you love, that you want to pass on to others? This is your chance to do it. Do you have a hobby that drives you wild? Is there a craft that you know that you’re sure others will want to learn about? Is there a piece of history, or a scientific breakthrough that you could teach about, or lead discussions about?

Are you a writer? One person suggested that someone bring writer’s prompts, and get others started on a story or novel. Do you want to teach the ukulele? Are you a yo-yo champion? Anything and everything that you love can be the basis of a seminar or workshop. Share your art or music collection, talk about old TV shows or getting into shape. If you love it, other people will, too.

You will be compensated, but, to be honest, not to what you deserve. A Morning Seminar is a Tier 2 campership, worth $375 (based on last year’s prices). An Afternoon Workshop is a Tier 3 campership, worth $225 (also based on last year’s prices). Both sums are a help, but they still aren’t that much. There are two things to remember – SI is an all-volunteer affair, and with a workshop or seminar, you are volunteering to help it succeed. Also, you are doing something that you love, and are sharing it with 500 of your best friends.

So please, look over the applications, fill one out and send it in. If you have questions, we will be answering them in blog posts, or emails, over the next two months. You can also email us at

Thank you, in advance, for volunteering.


Bruce Kent
Chair, 2018 Summer Institute Planning Council

Sheila’s slides from her 2017 theme talks

Want to review some of the resources Sheila mentioned in her theme talks about Non-Violent Communication and Restorative Justice? Here’s her final slides:

PowerPoint Slides

PDF Slides

Videos from Rev. Joan Van Becelaere’s morning seminar

If you attended Rev. Joan Van Becelaere’s morning seminar: Once Upon a Time in Judea…. A Story-Focused Intro to the New Testament, or wished you could have, here are the videos that were shown.

SI 2017 Evaluation

The 2017 evaluation is here:

We read them all and care about your thoughts. Thank you so much!

2017 Slideshow

Lunch at OUUF today!

Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is offering a post-SI lunch from 11-2 today. Their address is 

355 E Lorain St, Oberlin, OH 44074. Please stop by!

Bookstore Winners

Four people have won raffle prizes at the bookstore and not picked them up. They will be on the table to the right of the stage in First Church.  These people are: Brian Hagemann, Eliza Hens Greco, Alan Halperin, and Bill Thongs.

SICoM and SIPC Nominees

The SI Committee on Ministry has completed their good work and assembled two  slates of candidates, one to serve the planing council and one to serve on the Committee on Ministry. We will have a voice up or down vote on each slate at closing ceremony. The candidates for SIPC are: Nathan Morse, Anne Wilson, Cal Frye, and Jane Harkey. The two candidates for the Committee on Ministry are Stephanie Fowler (formerly Sweeton) and Melissa Jeter.

Scooter Return Saturday

Scooter returns tomorrow: Please park mobility scooters in the Linda Gates room in Kahn Hall. Cal will collect and return them. Thanks.

$1000 Match Challenge Met (and more awesome news)

The $1000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor has been met and exceeded! $1210 in cash, checks, and pledges were received yesterday, and we don’t have a final figure yet for what was collected in the bookstore. In addition to that, the youth collected $141 at the coffeehouse last night! Thank you to everyone who made a donation!