Young Adults

About the Young Adult Program

Young Adult Program

Welcome all! Young adulthood is a time of transition, self-discovery, and finding one’s roots. Whether you are 18 and freshly bridged from the Youth Program or pushing 35 and working your way into the general adult community, a first timer or a veteran to SI, the Young Adult program has something for you. Come share […]

Monte Carnival Night

Step right up and join the party with the Young Adults as we host our famous night of games, prizes, and fun! This night will consist of fun games ranging from GIANT Jenga, corn hole, blinking contests, various card games, and more. All games can be wagered for “Nathan Bucks” and then exchanged for prizes […]

Weekend Deal

Love Summer Institute but can’t come for the whole week? Come for the weekend! Come Thursday night through Saturday morning, all for $95 and meals are included. Sleep in the lounge! There will be plenty of space, but we cannot promise beds, so be prepared and bring your sleeping bag, blankets, air mattress, and other […]

Young Adult Panel

Caitlin Ballinger, born and raised (and currently working) in Akron, Ohio, Caitlin has been attending SI diligently since 2007 with her first taste of the SI magic having been in 2003. She’s previously served as a Youth touch group leader, Youth Panel chair, Young Adult chaplain, and is now honored to be chairing the Young […]