Clarification on Sacred Song Circle Location

The Sacred Song Circle meets in the covered breezeway between the old and new parts of the Science Center every evening after the afternoon seminars and during the very beginning of the dinner period (you still get time to eat and can avoid waiting in line for dinner).  Everyone in the community is welcome regardless of singing ability and you can drop if for as many or few sessions as you are available.

Air Conditioning in Kahn

SI Community staying in Kahn, As many of you heard at the dorm party, Oberlin maintenance found that the issue with the AC was beyond what they expected and they have needed to contact the manufacturer of the AC system for support.  Unfortunately that means that the system will not be fixed this evening.  Please rest assured that we will be following up with the University throughout the day tomorrow (several of those of us serving on SIPC are also staying in Kahn so we […]


Community, Unfortunately, we had a SNAFU with the golf cart phone number and it was reassigned to a very unfortunate guy named Justin.  Please do not call Justin.  Instead, please do use our new phone number, (440)707-6294.  This new number will ring/text on Cal Frye’s cell phone and he will be able to help you much more than poor Justin.

Correction on Jr. High – Youth Bridging on Schedule

Junior High Bridging is FOLLOWING the Opening Ceremony, not prior as it appears on today’s schedule.

Room Change for Theme Talk-Back

The afternoon Theme Talk-back will now be in the Dye Lecture Hall (A162) on the first floor of the Science Center

Full Moon Gathering

Additional event offered this evening: Celebrate the full moon this Sunday (tonight) with your fellow witches and pagans at 10:00 pm in the quad in front of Burton dorm. You do not need to bring anything.

Mobile Site and Schedule!

Get ready for Summer Institute 2017 by bookmarking the mobile site. Even add it as a shortcut to your homescreen for an app-like experience. The schedule is also on the site, though subject to change. Mobile Homepage

Sell at the SI Bookstore!

Hey everyone, it’s not too late to vend at the SI bookstore! Not artsy, no problem! You can offer a service like massages, haircuts, or whatever cool thing you do! There are no fees to vend at the bookstore, but 15% of your sales go to the SI scholarship fund to help others enjoy the magic that is SI. Please send me a quick email at to let me know that you will be there. See you soon!

Packing List Clarifications

We would like to offer a few clarifications regarding the packing list based on questions that have come up: The beds in the dorms are extra long twins. The beds in the townhouses are regular double beds. The college does provide one pillow and one blanket per person. However, they are not exactly… shall we say… luxury lodging items. Therefore the list includes pillows and all bedding because, well, you’ll thank us later. No rooms have trash cans No bathrooms have paper towels, so bring […]

Religious Education Announcement and Call for Help

Something new and something you can do! The RE program is introducing a new adventure in the late afternoons this year… Dr. WhUU! Come join us for some wibbley wobbley fun! Join us while we chart the intersection of science and our faith! We will journey in a big blue box  through time and space with the Doctor to meet aliens and humans while looking at situations that require us to use our UU values to solve problems. Even if you are not a “Whovian,” […]

Call for Nominations

The SI Planning Council (SIPC), which is responsible for making SI happen each year, consists of 9 members who each serve for 3 years.  Each year, the 3 members who have served for 3 years leave the committee and are replaced.  Recruitment of new planning committee members has been done by the existing committee, a process that has generally served to preserve SI but is somewhat lacking in transparency and involvement of the wider community. The newly formed SI Committee on Ministry (SICoM) has been […]

Today is the last day!

Been thinking about coming to Summer Institute 2017, but not sure? Well, time is running out! Registration is only open until 7/2, and there will be no walk-ins. Decision Helpers: 2016 Summer Institute Slideshow 2017 Programming 2017 Cost Estimator Register Here!

Right Relations Policy

Dear Summer Institute Friends, In 2016, with your help and input, our Summer Institute adopted a new Covenant statement. (See In this statement, we also called for the creation of a reconciliation process to help us “make our way back into covenant” when we fall out of relationship. During the past few months, the SI Committee on Ministry (formerly called the Strategic Planning Team), has been working with the SIPC and the SI Ministry Team to create that process. The result is a Right […]

Packing and Scooters and Peek!

It’s almost here! Summer Institute is less than a month away. We hope you’re excited. We certainly are. We’re excited, and we’re here to help. We’ve got a few things to tell you, to make your trip easier, so let’s get started. Many you are asking about the packing list. We have one, but somehow, things stayed on the list that were no longer necessary, and somethings never made the list. Well, we’ve updated the list. It can be found by clicking this link: […]

An Opportunity to Learn and Serve

Here’s an Exciting Training and Service Opportunity!   The Summer Institute Planning Council is looking for people interested in learning more about how a Restorative Justice Circle works, and how to co-facilitate one. If you would like more information about Restorative Justice before learning more, I invite you to check out our introduction here: We are excited to be offering a training and service opportunity to you in the very near future. The training will be held on Saturday, July 8th, that’s the day […]