The Nathan Buck is Crashing!

Leading economists have informed us that the SI currency, the Nathan Buck, is on the verge of crashing! Such a crash would leave SI in shambles! We will be adding a new bill to our currency as a response. But what to put on the bill?! Only money will tell. If you have a design […]

Peek Set-up Time Change!

Due to a scheduling conflict in the First Church Fellowship Hall, Peek set-up is changed to 5:30pm–still in the fellowship hall.

Scholarship Fund Donation Matching

Super important happy announcement: an anonymous donor has offered a matching donation to the scholarship fund. This person will match all donations up to $1000. To double the value of your donation, please see Linda Fleming, Joan van Becelaere, Or Lois Weir, or take your donation to the bookstore. 

Questions for the UUA?

Megan Foley from the UUA is holding an open forum on Thursday at 1:30 in room 4 of First Church. It’s being held to talk about UUA issues and the transition from the OMD to CER. If you have questions about what’s happening and what’s already happened, this is a great time to ask them!

Youth Coffeehouse – Thursday

The annual youth coffeehouse is Thursday night in the Cat in the Cream. For the first timers, this is a wonderful event where our community’s youth showcase their many talents. Please come and check it out! The coffeehouse will run from 9:30-10:30 PM.

Drum Circle Tonight!

All ages drum circle tonight, Wednesday, 7:30 until ? Join us on the Burton Hall patio, on the quad. Raining? Burton basement. Access door with meal ticket. Extra instruments available. Bring a chair if possible. No experience needed!

PEEK Prizes

Please drop off Peek Prizes on Thursday in the Church Fellowship Hall.  Please put prizes on the table that says PEEK Prizes. Please be mindful that Yoga classes are being held in the Fellowship Hall in the morning and in the afternoon so please do not disturb them! Volunteers: Please come to the Fellowship Hall […]

Kent Church Photo

Kent Church photo will be TODAY, Wednesday, at 7:15 pm after early vespers on the steps of First Church.

​Children’s Talent Show Auditions

Children’s Talent Show auditions are today at 1:30 in Cat in the Cream.

Small Conversation Groups Meeting

If you missed the adult small group conversation organizing meeting, you can still get in on the fun! Meet in the middle of Stevenson Dining Hall, upper level dining, at 1:30 Wednesday.

How to Submit Photos for Slideshow

If you are wondering about how to submit photos for the OMD SI slideshow to be shown at closing ceremony, please upload your photos to the #photos channel on Slack. It is easy to attach photos from your phone or to upload photos from a computer. If you have issues using Slack, please find Dan […]

Case of Shingles Reported

We would like the community to know that there was an adult in our community who learned this morning that he had shingles. He left SI shortly after. We’ve been told that the risk of transmission is very low. If you would like more information please visit the CDC website at  Also, our nurses […]

Small Ensembles needs acts!

Small ensembles will take place this Friday at 9:30 PM! It has been moved to the meeting house at First Church. If you are interested in sharing a musical or poetry performance, please contact Alan Halperin at 412-609-6355 or

Pick-up for Small Group Ensembles (may involve kazoos)

The Illegitimate Instrument Band can have a slot in the Small Group Ensembles Friday, we just have to decide what we’re doing. Sometimes we’re funny; sometimes we’re not. If you would be interested in telling a “musical” story or painting a “musical” picture for Small Groups, meet to plan our act Wednesday, July 12 at […]