Church Banners

Banners will be taken down at the end of closing ceremonies. Meet Allison and Barry in the balcony to receive your banner.

Saturday Morning Checkout!

Checkout is on Saturday morning. We encourage you to move out prior to opening ceremony! Please return your key in the envelope in which you received it (if you still have it) and return it to CSIC, which is the center entrance at Stevenson. Do not leave it in your room. You will be charged for any lost keys! Please check out no later than noon on Saturday.

Theme Talk Slides

If you would like a copy of the slides that have been shown during morning theme talks, Sheila will be providing us with many of them, which we will then post on our OMDSI website.

Volunteer needed!

We are in need of a volunteer to stay after small ensembles and help disassemble our sound equipment. No experience required. To volunteer please contact an SIPC member or Warren Brown.

Calling all drummers!

Drummers and drums meet outside Stevenson Dining Hall on benches at 7:30. Extra instruments available!

Pick up your tie dye today!

Tie dye final day is today. Please pick up all you clothing before dinner today. If you abandon your art, it will be so sad and it will be homeless forever…

South Hills Photo – 5:00 PM

UU Church of the South Hills (Sunnyhill) group picture will be today at 5:00 pm  at the “Sunnyhill Swamp” (the chair circle in the quad). Please wear your logo tshirt if possible. 

FRIDAY Youth Programming

Youth programming actually begins at 1 PM today in the Cat in the Cream.

FRIDAY Young Adult Vespers

Young adult vespers on Friday night will take place at 7:30 pm. It will still be at Asia house. Please come!

Saturday Lunch at Oberlin UU Fellowship

The Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has extended an invitation to the SI community to join them for a luncheon in their fellowship on Saturday after the SI Closing Ceremony and Oberlin check-out. We will have more details on this for you tomorrow.

SI Expense Submissions

If you have expenses for which you need to be reimbursed, please fill out a check request form, attach your receipts, and get it to Lois Weir or Linda Fleming before you leave Oberlin. You can email scanned requests later, but you will receive a check much faster if you give it to us this week. ┬áIf you wish, there’s a space on the form where you can tell us to donate your reimbursement to the SI Scholarship fund.

Drum circle tonight!

Drumming. All ages! Tonight, Thursday, 7:30pm – 9:30pm Burton patio or Burton basement. All ages. ( Bring chair if possible.😁)

3rd Annual Pie-A-YA!

The Young Adults are excited to remind you to join us at the end of lunch Friday for our third annual Pie-a-YA. We will be auctioning off SI celebrities and you can also pie your favorite YA for $5 or a random YA for $3! All proceeds go to the scholarship fund!!!!

First UU Columbus Photo

First UU Columbus Photo FRIDAY @ 4:55pm. Meet in front of the dining hall and bring your best smile!

Young Adult Vespers – You’re invited!

Did you miss YA led vespers last night OR did you like what you saw and heard? The whole community is invited to join us for our nightly YA vespers at 9:30. We meet out front of Asia house after evening vespers. Join us, you won’t regret it.