Where do we go for registration?

Sunday is the big day! There will be plenty of information in your registration packet, but first you need to know where to go for registration, right? It will be in the new Science Center at 119 Woodland Street, Oberlin, OH 44074. Here is a map. All of the pre-registration info is in the Pre-SI Edition of the Kaleidescope.

Pre-SI edition of the Kaleidescope

Are you excited about OMDSI 2014 yet? Here’s some helpful information as you get ready! 2014 Kaleidoscope Pre-SI

Youth Programming Intro

Welcome to SI 2014 and our always fabulous Youth Programming! We start with Bridging In right before Opening Ceremony, and then have an all-youth and parent-sponsor meeting that is MANDATORY immediately following Opening Ceremony right in the same venue. Continue reading →

Workshop updates

The Cultivating Resilience morning workshop is now Closed!!  Also, the Massage morning workshop has only one spot left!

Youth Housing Clarification

Hello SI 2014 YOUTH FAMILIES- The 2 letters below are intended to give you as much information as possible. Continue reading →


Dear SI community, As many of you may be aware, several allegations of incidents of a both sexual and non-consensual nature have been made about events at OMD cons in the recent past. While there are no allegations of such activities at SI, it is still deeply troubling to the youth leaders of the district that such an event might have occurred. Continue reading →

Air Conditioning Dorms in Short Supply!

Summer Institute registration is in full swing.   We have over 235 people registered so far and we on the registration team are getting excited to see all of you in July.  Continue reading →

SI Scholarships

The Planning Committee encourages first time applicants to apply. Anyone can apply for a scholarship who meets these criteria. Continue reading →

Afternoon workshops posted

We have posted the afternoon seminars for OMDSI 2014! Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to registration.

Seminars Posted for 2014

We have posted the morning seminars for OMDSI 2014! You can now start your planning, and maybe get a little excited for this summer 😉 Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to registration.

Summer Institute is moving!

Dear Summer Institute Community, After considerable deliberation by the Summer Institute Planning Committee, and with much valuable input from others in our community, we are finalizing negotiations with Oberlin College to hold Summer Institute there next summer (2014). Continue reading →