Al-anon meeting

Al-anon meeting is Tuesday at 1:30 in the Barnard lounge.


Handwork (knitting, crocheting, weaving, needlepoint, origami, etc) will meet early afternoons 1:30 to 3 on the North Quad. In case of rain we will meet inside the Science Building where registration was. All welcome. We have some starter knit projects if you want to learn.

Children’s Choir

Children’s choir meets at First Church after lunch at 12:45. Special theme for this year: “The Sound of Music” with a UU twist!

Golf Cart Transportation System

What you need to know about golf cart rides: Golf carts are available for anyone needing transportation assistance. Those needing assistance take priority over more able riders. You may flag down a passing cart anywhere – not just at designated stops. Carts run on a schedule to accommodate events and times in-between. Be patient, we’ll […]

Important: 3 Seminars Moved

Please note 3 morning seminars have moved: 1. Coming of Age 2.0 is now in King 127. 2. Cultivating Resilience is now in King 123. 3. Walking Toward Trouble is now in King 121. King is the next building south of Peters, the building from which these were moved.


Please consult the paper map and park only in the places marked P. All others will be towed.

Attention Seminar and Workshop Leaders

There will be a meeting for all morning seminar and afternoon workshop leaders after Opening Ceremonies in the Fellowship Hall at First Church.

Registration note

Tomorrow your key and meal card are going to come in an envelope like this. Keep it please, so that they can be returned in it at the end.

SI Mobile Site

Visit the mobile site to see what is scheduled for when, and bookmark it on your phone for easy reference next week. What’s happening tonight – Since the evening schedule is different every night, events are highlighted daily. Daily Schedule – See what is happening each day, for both adult and youth programs. With […]

If you are the Parent / Sponsor of a Youth

We really need all parents and sponsors to do their part to help make the youth program a success. We need at least 1 member from each family to sign up for a workshift:

Personal Golf Carts

As many of you know, there was a time in our previous SI home that Kenyon College allowed people to bring personal golf carts that they had rented, then for our last couple of years there, they had changed policy.  This year we got a request from an SI’er to bring a personal cart. Since […]

Today is the last day to register for Summer Institute!

We’d love to have you join us! Register: 2015 Programming: Cost Estimator:

One week left to join us!

Have you been on the fence about coming to Summer Institute this year? Well, time is running out to decide. Join 500+ of your fellow UU’s for a week of fun at Oberlin College! We will stop taking registrations on 6/30 and there will be no walk-ins.

Last chance to register with discount

If you’ve been thinking of joining us at SI this year, act fast! You have until midnight tomorrow to register and save yourself $75.

Countdown Clock

Is the countdown clock on the homepage not quite precise enough? Well, click on it and you’ll be taken to a more precise countdown: