Applications for the 2018 Summer Institute Morning Seminars/Afternoon Workshops

Dear Members of our Summer Institute Family: It’s the nature of something like Summer Institute that, once one year’s gathering ends, we must immediately start planning for the next year’s gathering. The 2017 SI ended in July, and the Summer Institute Planning Council got right to work. We’ve met, and reviewed what went on in […]

Sheila’s slides from her 2017 theme talks

Want to review some of the resources Sheila mentioned in her theme talks about Non-Violent Communication and Restorative Justice? Here’s her final slides: PowerPoint Slides PDF Slides

Videos from Rev. Joan Van Becelaere’s morning seminar

If you attended Rev. Joan Van Becelaere’s morning seminar: Once Upon a Time in Judea…. A Story-Focused Intro to the New Testament, or wished you could have, here are the videos that were shown.

SI 2017 Evaluation

The 2017 evaluation is here: We read them all and care about your thoughts. Thank you so much!

Lunch at OUUF today!

Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is offering a post-SI lunch from 11-2 today. Their address is  355 E Lorain St, Oberlin, OH 44074. Please stop by!

Bookstore Winners

Four people have won raffle prizes at the bookstore and not picked them up. They will be on the table to the right of the stage in First Church.  These people are: Brian Hagemann, Eliza Hens Greco, Alan Halperin, and Bill Thongs.

SICoM and SIPC Nominees

The SI Committee on Ministry has completed their good work and assembled two  slates of candidates, one to serve the planing council and one to serve on the Committee on Ministry. We will have a voice up or down vote on each slate at closing ceremony. The candidates for SIPC are: Nathan Morse, Anne Wilson, […]

Scooter Return Saturday

Scooter returns tomorrow: Please park mobility scooters in the Linda Gates room in Kahn Hall. Cal will collect and return them. Thanks.

$1000 Match Challenge Met (and more awesome news)

The $1000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor has been met and exceeded! $1210 in cash, checks, and pledges were received yesterday, and we don’t have a final figure yet for what was collected in the bookstore. In addition to that, the youth collected $141 at the coffeehouse last night! Thank you to everyone who […]

Church Banners

Banners will be taken down at the end of closing ceremonies. Meet Allison and Barry in the balcony to receive your banner.

Saturday Morning Checkout!

Checkout is on Saturday morning. We encourage you to move out prior to opening ceremony! Please return your key in the envelope in which you received it (if you still have it) and return it to CSIC, which is the center entrance at Stevenson. Do not leave it in your room. You will be charged […]

Theme Talk Slides

If you would like a copy of the slides that have been shown during morning theme talks, Sheila will be providing us with many of them, which we will then post on our OMDSI website.

Volunteer needed!

We are in need of a volunteer to stay after small ensembles and help disassemble our sound equipment. No experience required. To volunteer please contact an SIPC member or Warren Brown.

Calling all drummers!

Drummers and drums meet outside Stevenson Dining Hall on benches at 7:30. Extra instruments available!