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Afternoon Workshop Cancellations

Due to the rain and lightning, the following afternoon workshops have been canceled: Early Afternoon Tie Dye Water Games Late Afternoon Ultimate Frisbee However, there will be Legos on the second floor of Kahn!

Body Art Rain Space

Body Art will now be in the lounge of Barnard (directly across from Stevie dining hall).

Sneak Peek at the 2017 T-Shirts!

This year’s t-shirts have been finalized! Let’s extend a big thank you to Nikki Hurlbut for coming up with this beautiful design. The picture is not deceiving you: we will be offering women’s shirts in addition to unisex and children’s! There will also be a limited quantity of white shirts available in the bookstore for tie-dye purposes.

Seeking 2017 T-Shirt Designs!

It’s that time of the year! No, not that thing with the carols… it’s time for us to ask our wonderful, talented community for designs for the Summer Institute 2017 t-shirt! As a reminder, the SI 2017 theme is “Beyond Lip Service: The Courage to Communicate UU Values.” What do you get for designing the t-shirt? This year, you will receive TWO free t-shirts. You could get one t-shirt for you and one for a friend, or two for you – one colored, and one […]

How to contact a nurse

​If you have a cell phone, please save our nurses’ numbers in your contacts. Paul – (216) 577-6932 Linda – (330) 352-7656 Tommy – (216) 262-5652 These numbers are also posted in the front entrance of every dorm. Please contact one of these three in the event that you need a nurse.