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PEEK Prizes

Please drop off Peek Prizes on Thursday in the Church Fellowship Hall.  Please put prizes on the table that says PEEK Prizes. Please be mindful that Yoga classes are being held in the Fellowship Hall in the morning and in the afternoon so please do not disturb them! Volunteers: Please come to the Fellowship Hall on Thursday at  5:30.

Kent Church Photo

Kent Church photo will be TODAY, Wednesday, at 7:15 pm after early vespers on the steps of First Church.

​Children’s Talent Show Auditions

Children’s Talent Show auditions are today at 1:30 in Cat in the Cream.

Small Conversation Groups Meeting

If you missed the adult small group conversation organizing meeting, you can still get in on the fun! Meet in the middle of Stevenson Dining Hall, upper level dining, at 1:30 Wednesday.

Small Ensembles needs acts!

Small ensembles will take place this Friday at 9:30 PM! It has been moved to the meeting house at First Church. If you are interested in sharing a musical or poetry performance, please contact Alan Halperin at 412-609-6355 or

Pick-up for Small Group Ensembles (may involve kazoos)

The Illegitimate Instrument Band can have a slot in the Small Group Ensembles Friday, we just have to decide what we’re doing. Sometimes we’re funny; sometimes we’re not. If you would be interested in telling a “musical” story or painting a “musical” picture for Small Groups, meet to plan our act Wednesday, July 12 at 1:30 pm in the room behind the pulpit at First Church. Or, call or text Alice Lium at 410-499-0044, especially if you’re in the choir and can’t make the meeting.

Monte Carnival Tonight!

Monte Carnival is tonight! Since it looks like the sky is about to crack open, it will take place in the rain space in Hales Gym at 6:30. There will be games, slushies, cotton candy, and a chance to win prizes. All ages welcome. First five hundred Nathan bucks are free. All proceeds go to the scholarship fund.

UU Family Circle Training TODAY at 1:30

Sheila Schuh will be holding an additional session this afternoon from 1:30-3:00 in Science Center 154. Today’s theme is UU Family Circle Training. Hope to see you there!

A message from the RE staff

Parents: RE doesn’t start until 9:30 AM, and even if teachers are in the room, they are setting up. Thanks for understanding and letting them get prepared for tons of fun!

Toyota Echo – Lights on!

There is a grey Toyota Echo with a bike rack with its lights on behind Stevenson dining hall.

Hal Walker & Friends Concert – Moved!

The Hal Walker & Friends concert has been moved from First Church Fellowship Hall to the First Church Meeting House!

Monday Night Pub Activities!

The pub will be open tonight from 9:30 PM – 12:00 AM. Monday’s Activities: 9:30-10:30 – Speed Friending / Ice Breakers 10:30-11 – Trivia (Tonight’s theme: Ohio!) 11-12 – Pub Jam

Drum Circle Today at 3:15 PM

Drum tuning, practice and drum circle today at 3:15 PM in the basement of Burton Hall. All ages are welcome, and extra instruments available. Swipe your meal key to enter building. There is an elevator available towards the center of the building.

Black Toyota Hybrid – Your window is open!

There is a black Toyota hybrid with PA plate KLC9813 in the parking lot behind the townhouses – your WINDOW is OPEN! If you know who’s vehicle this is, please let them know!

Video Game Time!

Logan Bores is hosting video game time in the first floor lounge (inside the residential section) of Kahn. Join him at 1:30. He’ll likely stay most of the afternoon. Perfect alternative to the rain today!