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Tie Dye

If you did some tie dying last year and forgot to take it home, it is now at the tie dye station.

Seminar and Workshop Leaders

Seminar or workshop leaders: Please be aware that if you wish to be reimbursed, there is a deadline.  There are 2 ways to submit a reimbursement form : 1. find the online form at the Ohio Meadville website. About > Forms 2. submit copies of your receipts to Anne Wilson. she also has copies of the required form. Also remember to return the room you’re using to the state it was in at the beginning of the week.

Small Ensembles II

Friday’s small ensembles will begin at 9:45 PM at the church on Friday.


On Thursday, Hogwarts’ afternoon workshop will be in Hale’s Gym. Then at 8pm, the magical students are invited to meet in front of Barrows (the youth focused dorm) for their Night Challenge.

Pie in the Sky (and face)

Have you ever wanted to throw a pie in the face of a young adult? How about in Scott Piepho’s, Nathan Staples’, or Alan Halperin’s faces? Do we have good news for you! The young adults are going to make those dreams come true this SI! The opportunity to buy a pie to “share” with a young adult, or to bid on the privileges of “sharing” one with these celebrity guests will be available Thursday at 5:45. All proceeds go to the scholarship fund. Watch […]


Help create the 2015 slideshow. If you snap a great picture, you can submit it for possible inclusion. Go to and find the “Submit your Photos” link in the Photos section.

Joys and Concerns

The worship team for the youth is collecting joys and concerns at meals. Find them at the table in the southern alcove in the dining room.

7 Principles Happened Here Going Strong

William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass spoke here. Angela Davis and Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke here, but not together. And today, you are sitting here—here in First Church. Want to learn more? “The 7 Principles Happened Here” continues, we will be discussing: Thursday: Did Oberlin really start the Civil War? Friday: Memorials and Messages: Rocks that Speak. Questions still welcome. We leave from the front porch of Wilder at 3:15 and then head out. You might want umbrellas some days, but we’re going rain or […]

Reaching Scott

If you want to send an announcement directly to Scott Piepho, you can call or text 234-738-1595.

General Assembly

The General Assembly of the UU association of congreagations will be in Columbus Ohio June 22 to 26, 2016.  Join the UU community of thousands next year

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo has been moved to Hales Gym.


Please remember that all bike riders, small and tall, must wear helmets. Also please remind your kids that the sidewalks are shared by many and to please watch their speed.

SI Story Corps Topics and Location

Please note that the recording studio for the morning worship SI Story Corps is moving. It will be in Stevenson (dining hall) in the glass enclosed room in the middle on the south end. Time is 12:30. Here are the topics that will be covered: Tuesday: What is the hardest thing to accept about yourself? Wednesday: Are there times this week when someone showed you love even though you were acting unlovable? Thursday: What makes people at SI (or U.Us in general) unique?

Marriage Equality Celebration

Join us for a celebration of the recent marriage equality court decision. Immediately following vespers on Wednesday in the church worship center.

Hearing Assistance

The hearing loop at First Church is up and running. Questions? See Warren Brown.