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Rules & Responsibilities

Saturday Lunch at Oberlin UU Fellowship

The Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has extended an invitation to the SI community to join them for a luncheon in their fellowship on Saturday after the SI Closing Ceremony and Oberlin check-out. We will have more details on this for you tomorrow.

SI Expense Submissions

If you have expenses for which you need to be reimbursed, please fill out a check request form, attach your receipts, and get it to Lois Weir or Linda Fleming before you leave Oberlin. You can email scanned requests later, but you will receive a check much faster if you give it to us this week.  If you wish, there’s a space on the form where you can tell us to donate your reimbursement to the SI Scholarship fund.

How to Submit Photos for Slideshow

If you are wondering about how to submit photos for the OMD SI slideshow to be shown at closing ceremony, please upload your photos to the #photos channel on Slack. It is easy to attach photos from your phone or to upload photos from a computer. If you have issues using Slack, please find Dan Flippo from SIPC who will be happy to help you to upload your memories.

Case of Shingles Reported

We would like the community to know that there was an adult in our community who learned this morning that he had shingles. He left SI shortly after. We’ve been told that the risk of transmission is very low. If you would like more information please visit the CDC website at  Also, our nurses are available to answer any questions you may have.

Hal Walker and Friends – Concert Video Playlist

Clarification on Sacred Song Circle Location

The Sacred Song Circle meets in the covered breezeway between the old and new parts of the Science Center every evening after the afternoon seminars and during the very beginning of the dinner period (you still get time to eat and can avoid waiting in line for dinner).  Everyone in the community is welcome regardless of singing ability and you can drop if for as many or few sessions as you are available.

Air Conditioning in Kahn

SI Community staying in Kahn, As many of you heard at the dorm party, Oberlin maintenance found that the issue with the AC was beyond what they expected and they have needed to contact the manufacturer of the AC system for support.  Unfortunately that means that the system will not be fixed this evening.  Please rest assured that we will be following up with the University throughout the day tomorrow (several of those of us serving on SIPC are also staying in Kahn so we […]


Community, Unfortunately, we had a SNAFU with the golf cart phone number and it was reassigned to a very unfortunate guy named Justin.  Please do not call Justin.  Instead, please do use our new phone number, (440)707-6294.  This new number will ring/text on Cal Frye’s cell phone and he will be able to help you much more than poor Justin.

Correction on Jr. High – Youth Bridging on Schedule

Junior High Bridging is FOLLOWING the Opening Ceremony, not prior as it appears on today’s schedule.

Room Change for Theme Talk-Back

The afternoon Theme Talk-back will now be in the Dye Lecture Hall (A162) on the first floor of the Science Center

Full Moon Gathering

Additional event offered this evening: Celebrate the full moon this Sunday (tonight) with your fellow witches and pagans at 10:00 pm in the quad in front of Burton dorm. You do not need to bring anything.