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What to bring to Summer Institute

For Registration Your Confirmation Letter Your church/society’s banner For Your Room Extra-long sized twin sheets, pillow cases and towels (NO LINENS FROM OBERLIN) – pillow and blanket provided Continue reading →

Hymn Sing

One evening, everyone interested gets together with others who love to sing, and all sing their favorite hymns. It’s a lot of fun, even if some people are a little hoarse at the pub or the next morning at breakfast.

The SI Bookstore

The headquarters for SI t-shirts, Skinner House & Beacon Press books, works by SI artists, and the SI scholarship raffle is located just off the Dining Hall. Continue reading →

Getting Around

Almost all of Summer Institute’s activities take place a short walk from where our main housing is located. Worship, theme talks and workshops are scheduled in various buildings around the main quad. Most attendees walk or ride bikes between those locations, but SI provides golf cart transportation for those with limited mobility challenges.  For those who will benefit from building-to-building transportation, please see our information about bringing or renting personal mobility devices.

Monte Carnival Night

Step right up and join the party with the Young Adults as we host our famous night of games, prizes, and fun! This night will consist of fun games ranging from GIANT Jenga, corn hole, blinking contests, various card games, and more. All games can be wagered for “Nathan Bucks” and then exchanged for prizes at the end. There will also be face painting, fortune telling, and more. All proceeds go towards the SI Scholarship fund, see you there!

Weekend Deal

Love Summer Institute but can’t come for the whole week? Come for the weekend! Come Thursday night through Saturday morning, all for $95 and meals are included. Sleep in the lounge! There will be plenty of space, but we cannot promise beds, so be prepared and bring your sleeping bag, blankets, air mattress, and other camping supplies you might need. Check in will be 5-6pm Thursday at dinner. Be sure to arrive on time or contact the registrar.


During the first night of Summer Institute the youth have a bridging ceremony. This is an event for incoming Seventh graders or youth who are new to Summer Institute to formally join the youth community. It is a joyous celebration as well as a physical symbol of initiation into the youth community. What to expect from bridging: Bridging is an important event in the youth community. Most, if not all, youth and parents attend. There will be multiple announcements about where and when bridging will […]

Youth Chaplains

What are chaplains? If you are having an issue or just want to talk to someone, there is a youth chaplain and an adult chaplain available. Their primary purpose at SI is to provide a supportive ear for those who need it.

Children’s Talent Show

No one ever knows for sure what acts we will have in a given year, but this is always a big event with excellent entertainment that shows off the diversity of SI talents. Performances range from skits to original poetry reading to music performances (of all kinds and abilities) to hilarious comedy. Auditions are mid-week. Let us know if you need practice space. Acts are 3 minutes or less.

2013 Audio

2013 Theme Speaker includes all of the morning theme talks presented by Rev. Art McDonald. His theme for the week was Social Justice as a Spiritual Practice: A Central UU Path. Continue reading →

Children’s Choir

After lunch the children will have the opportunity to affirm our UU values singing in a children’s choir. Joe Schafer has directed the West Shore UU Children’s Choir for 25 years, and has written music celebrating UU principles that kids can sing easily and well, using ragtime, jazz, rock, and other fun-loving rhythms. No experience required, and all kids are welcome.

2013 Slideshow

2012 Audio

2012 Theme Speaker includes all of the morning theme talks presented by Rev.Meg Riley. Her theme for the week was Embodied Theology in a Digital Age. Continue reading →

Free time activities

While there is lots of programming at SI, there are also ample opportunities for relaxing self-paced activities. Continue reading →

2012 Slideshow